Reasons to Invest

How to Invest

  • Step 1. Get in touch. Copper Commons Capital welcomes contact from the community of those interested is sustainable investing through copper.
  • Step 2. We will provide an official offering document for investor review. The offering documents include very detailed information on the business of Copper Commons Capital so that the investor can make a well informed decision.
  • Step 3. Copper Commons Capital will provide and must obtain from each investor a risk acknowledgement form, that explains certain risks of investing and acknowledges that the investor has read and understood the contents of the form.                      
  • Step 4. Advise the amount to invest. An investor can invest up to $1,500 or if a registered dealer provides advice that the investment is suitable to the investor, up to $5,000 pursuant to ASC Rule 45-539 for Alberta Start Up issuers. For larger investment amounts pursuant to and as set out in National Instrument 45-106 including the Accredited Investors Investment Exemption, $150,000.00 Minimum Amount Investment Exemption, and the Offering Memorandum Investment Exemption and the 45-521 Start Up Crowdfunding Registration Prospectus Exemption please contact us and we will be pleased to furnish more information. It is necessary to comply with the securities laws in each jurisdiction in which a distribution of securities occurs.        
  • Step 5. Remit the investment amount to Copper Commons Capital. 
  • Step 6. Copper Commons Capital will send the investors their share certificates.
  • Step 7. Congratulations! That’s it. The investor is now a shareholder with all of the rights and benefits that entails and part of the growing community of investors with an interest in sustainable investing through copper.

Investors Notice

  • 1. This is an Exempt Market Investment available pursuant to ASC Rule 45-517 for Alberta Start Up issuers seeking to raise capital from Alberta investors and may be used by an issuer in another corresponding jurisdiction if permitted under the securities legislation in that jurisdiction. This investment is available in other jurisdictions that provide corresponding exemptions or that is otherwise in compliance with applicable securities laws in such jurisdictions. Alberta businesses attract significant foreign investment. ASC Rule 72-501 Distributions to Purchasers Outside Alberta”, provides several prospectus exemptions that allow an Alberta business to sell securities to investors outside of Canada.
  • 2. Investments on this website are intended for Canadian investors who qualify and for United States “Accredited Investors defined under Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933, and others in compliance with the securities laws of such jurisdictions.
  • 3. To rely on these prospectus exemptions, the business must comply with securities laws in the jurisdiction of the investor. In its sole discretion Copper Commons Capital Corp. may utilize additional Exempt Market Investor options to fund growth such as but not limited to and as set out in National Instrument-45-106, including but not limited to, the Accredited Investor Investment Exemption, The Minimum Amount Investment Exemption, The Offering Memorandum Exemption, and the ASC Rule 45-521 Start Up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemption, and others, as appropriate and in full and complete compliance with the securities law in the jurisdiction of the purchaser. Accordingly and as required Copper Commons Capital Corp may become a reporting issuer which may provide further benefit and growth opportunity for investors.

What is Exempt Market Investing


One way to look at exempt market investing is that exempt market investing generally involves products that are not significantly impacted by market volatility Exempt Market investments are often designed from innovations and growing markets that are not as common as traditional markets. They are usually products which are not publicly-traded (i.e. on a stock exchange). Exempt Market Investments can fill a niche, helping form a well-diversified investment portfolio. These investments can protect one’s portfolio from downside risk and enhance returns.

Private equity, often through Exempt Investments from 2003 through 2012 vastly outperformed other forms of equity investing. Up until recently, companies seeking significant equity capital have turned to the public markets for financing. However, with the emergence of the Exempt Markets, many private corporations have successfully financed themselves without having to spend time and money dealing with stock promotion. Or, to put it another way, the emergence of Exempt Markets has merely formalized the sale of private products by Issuers.

The structures of these exempt market products have driven their popularity. Investors can be uncorrelated with public markets, yet have tax efficient structures and in many cases the corporate issuer enjoys a lower compliance cost than if they were public, despite the fact that the securities regulator is the same for both the public and private (exempt) products. This means that the Exempt Markets are full of corporations, both public and private, who will focus entirely on driving the business forward, generating maximum returns for investors.

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