Sustainable Investing Through Copper

Copper Commons Capital is a recyclable resource asset management company with a focus on copper because of its long term sustainability and beneficial societal and environmental qualities. Almost half of copper demand is met through copper renewables of which a large proportion is high purity, non-hazardous material that is in constant demand and can be recycled infinitely.

By eliminating current supply chain inefficiencies through an innovative process the company can provide Investors with an asset backed investment that can provide a viable growth opportunity that is environmentally responsible. Copper Commons Capital is going to establish the first ever state of the art investment grade copper recyclables physical exchange in North America where investment grade copper recyclables can be bought, sold, or traded for precious metals such as gold and silver, crypto-tokens, and major world currencies, with further distribution of physical copper inventories available to end users and consumers worldwide. Additionally, Copper Commons Capital will employ an innovative and proprietary trading platform technology contributing in higher profitability, liquidity and high rates of return for Investors and better service and value for our partner associates and colleagues.