Copper Commons Capital

We are a renewable resource asset management company with a focus on copper because of its long term sustainability and beneficial societal and environmental qualities. Almost half of copper demand is met by recycling and copper is infinitely renewable. At Copper Commons Capital we put an unwavering focus on long term sustainability and environmental responsibility and ensure that it is embedded throughout all of our business activities.

Investing in Copper

  • Discover sustainable investment opportunities in copper.
  • The transition to wind, solar, and EV (electric vehicles) is anticipated to further increase the demand for copper. Since 1900, copper consumption has increased by a strong 3.4% per year and the current trend is expected to strengthen because of growing consumption of base, green energy, and battery metals, of which copper is all three.

Sustainable Investing

High Growth

Copper is considered to be the bedrock of a modern society and will play an increasingly prominent role in this respect as the world transitions to clean and renewable energy in addition to continuous infrastructure upgrades and expansion on a global basis.

Infinitely Renewable

Almost half of the world demand for copper is met by recycling of which a large proportion is investment grade quality that is in constant demand and is infinitely renewable. Copper is the recycling champion.

High Liquidity

The copper market is very liquid and is closely correlated with fundamental supply, demand and economic realities thereby reducing the Investor risk associated with more speculative hold and wait investments. Viability is continuous.

High Rates of Return

An environmentally responsible investment that is intrinsically connected to industrial, green energy, and infrastructure development and upgrades. Investors can achieve a high rate of return irrespective of market volatility.

Physical Operations

The low risk jurisdictions of the USA and Canada is where investment grade copper renewables will be graded and stored in our secure facilities.


Business and Industrial copper producers. Partner with us. Copper Commons Capital buys investment grade copper renewables. Contact us and learn how Copper Commons Capital can benefit you and your company.

Advancing Together

Our copper strategy is closely correlated with and follows fundamental supply, demand, and economic realities thereby reducing risk for our supply chain partners and our investors. Join us.

Putting Sustainability First

The energy saved using recycled copper is up to 90%. The United States produces approximately two million tons of recycled copper per year with a value of over $4,000,000,000.00.

For Now and the Future

Copper is 100% renewable unlike most other materials and identical to mined copper. In a modern industrialized society there will always be a fundamental requirement for copper as it is intrinsic to our quality of life.

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